Allied With Bitterness
Released June 22nd, 2004
Galy Records

01. Dread And Memory
02. Dead Eyes React
03. King Of The Ants
04. Flesh Will Deceive
05. Spirit Lost (instrumental)
06. Unclean Dark Minds
07. Cold Reflection
08. Icon
09. Allied With Bitterness
10. Behind Shadows
11. Apathy Gleams
12. Needle's Eye
13. Old Man Winter

01. Dread And Memory

The echo of icons rings true from beneath a carcass of stone.
The flesh is dead and shattered, its remnants exist alone.
But while we sleep nightmares of old return.
Whispers that were forgotten take morbid shape and burn.
Like a story told a thousand times.
Like history that plays inside our minds.
Like the writings etched into the page.
Like faded pictures capture our gaze.
A winding path, beaten and broken.
Can we survive to tell it all again?
The echo of icons seems to fade from the shallowness of minds.
A whisper falls too distant.
Will it survive?

02. Dead Eyes React

Too wasted on fiction, on fantasy.
Life becomes a script which part will you play?
Dead eyes react without emotion blind to what they see.
Out of sight out of mind: A dark philosophy.
Conscience strapped into the chair numbed into oblivion.
Fantasia grins, pulls the switch.
Subconscious illusion.
Dead eyes react, they see right past.
What's fake becomes real.
Over shocked over killed.

03. King Of The Ants

Eyes fixed at a downward gaze, remorse and compassion slip away.
Self perception is a black truth extreme.
The cure is the sickness, the sickness is clean.
Words drown in raging lies.
Their corpses wash up in the tide.
Reanimated, brought back to life.
Disgorged and fed back into the minds.
Inhuman complex of pain.
King of the ants.
Your shadow is your reign.
A single truth becomes the tip of the sword that cuts through deception
And ignites the flames of the world.
Eyes trapped in a spider's maze, impaled by truth: the sharpest blade.
Self perception still a black truth extreme.
The cure is the sickness the sickness is clean.

04. Flesh Will Deceive

Emotions dance, bleed and rage as their stories play out
In the eyes of a nameless face.
Frozen like a perfect sculpture so precise.
Carved with a bleeding hand.
It's never what it seems to be Mesmerized by fear.
It always spirals into the same but synergy will tear.
The flesh, silent it deceives, like angels with cloaked wings.
Emotions die, bleed and rage as their stories fade away
Into the eyes of a nameless face.
Frozen now a twisted sculpture so precise.
Still carved with a bleeding hand.

05. Spirit Lost


06. Unclean Dark Minds

The gears of vicious intent turn a crimson stare.
Suffer the weak, suffer the different
Their faces fade and no one's there.
Try to alter the perception but the gears are strong with time.
They grind through a smile and destroy the touch of the blind.
Watching a fallen soul crawl.
A twisted grin creeps across the face.
A blind eye turned a thousand times will haunt you it will reclaim.
The gears of vicious intent: still turning, faster than before.
Suffer the weak, suffer the different
Their dreams are dead, their hearts are scorned.
Strike into the mind and wear away the gears.
Grind them down to nothing.
Let them taste the tears.
Unclean dark minds: passing shadows of empty strength.

07. Cold Reflection

Uncertainty tears apart a trust once strong.
Silence whispers fear, animates deception.
Imagery through tears.
A hallucination's design.
Heart bled soul.
Unsound pain alive.
Wish I could hate, wish I couldn't feel.
Wish that the pain would fade and die still.

Eyes with a dead empty shine stare out and touch the dark.
Apathetic yet still they cry.
Truth scarred and raped by trust.
A cold reflection stirs.
It comes alive.
Frozen in tears that will never be cried.

08. Icon

Shadowed, a hooded figure creeps across this life this world.
A silent nemesis of dreams whose deceptions can slash and kill.
Fight the mental crutch.
Cast off shattered wings.
Come fly with me.
Come fly with me.
Why is it that heroes always seem so far away?
When the battle's so close it's inside you.
When the battle devastates.
Fear is a fake icon's weapon because it takes no strength to draw.
Shatter this architect of ruin and watch the mighty start to fall.

09. Allied With Bitterness

A million eyes close so the light will fade
But this imagery will forever remain.
Intact behind the windows of the soul,
Crystallized and unbreakable.
This new dawn will see bloodshed but the wounds run deep beyond the flesh.
Impale the rising sun with a dagger forged in hate.
Actions can't be wished undone, reactions storm with pain.
Bitterness your only ally tells you what you want to hear.
Predator of the misguided attacks the guilt, attacks the fear.
Allied with the hands of bitterness.

10. Behind Shadows

A fog so perfect in design glides across the night.
Its gaze an abyss of a million eyes.
The watchtower's soldiers arise.
Seeping through the cracks, the light pierces the hidden.
Mirrors that reflect the black.
Trapped in a corner the cloak has rescinded.
The past may fade but will never die.
Stories come crawling back dreaded and alive.
Behind shadows.
Like a snake judgment waits to strike.
Innocence is wasted to dust.
A memory that rides the wind.
Angels of forgiveness rot and rust.
Actions that slaughter a soul, that won't let the fallen crawl.
Actions that resist with apathy, the gaze reaches out to all.
All that you are, all that you live for
All that you claim to be, all that you wish you were.

11. Apathy Gleams

Can you feel?
Can you cry?
Emotions scream.
Watch them die.
Can you feel?
Can you bleed?
Heartstrings forever played.
Trust. Faith. Tears. Pain.
Apathy gleams in your eyes.
Dead silver stare, crystallized.
Time heals nothing.
Memories scar the mind.

12. Needle's Eye

Dead men can't dance with the angels of hell.
Fuck them like whores and live to tell the tale.
The devil spawned rock n roll, read it in the cards.
Watched the joker screw the queen of ace clubs and hearts.
Your lies are old and worn out.
Yet they bleed a certain truth.
Seeds of dementia sewn in our minds,
Threads of insanity Needle's eye.
Emotions are buried in graves of distortion.
The candles' flame flickers Happy abortion day.

13. Old Man Winter

Rape my mind with a scalpel that gleams.
Inject whore ridden filth deep into my stream.
Coil your beliefs silently around my face.
With barbed wire razor blades.
Re-visit old man winter in his ugly realm of bitterness.
And watch the sands of time as they slip away and slowly turn to ice.
Re-visit old man winter.