October 2006
October 13th, 2006
  - Added a last-minute show

Montreal based metallers TORN WITHIN will open for the BW&BK Festival in Montreal featuring TESTAMENT, BRUTAL TRUTH, DISMEMBER, GRAVE and CAMILLA RHOADS. - Sam

April 2006
April 2nd, 2006
  - Added the videoclip

The videoclip produced by Chris for "Dread And Memory" has finally been added to the downloads section! Go take a look at it! - Sam

October 2005
October 18th, 2005
  - Added some news

TORN WITHIN has parted ways with drummer John Patterson. Rob and Chris have indicated that the split was a result of musical differences and that the band wishes John the best of luck for the future. A replacement drummer has been found to fulfill the November 9th show with EXHUMED. - Rob

The band has just finished recording its first video for "Dread And Memory". The video, which was produced and directed by Chris, is in its final stages of editing and should be finished late October. The band is working on how to make it available to the masses. Check back! - Chris

August 2005
August 31st, 2005
  - Added one live date

We just got confirmation that we'll be opening for the Exhumed show on November 9 2005 at the Saphir in Montreal... See you there! - Sam

April 2005
April 4th, 2005
  - Removed one live date

We're sorry to inform you that the Repentigny date has been cancelled. However, we're still playing the Montreal show at the Saphir on June 18th. - Sam

March 2005
March 21st, 2005
  - Added 2 live dates

TORN WITHIN will be playing two shows in the upcoming months. First, we will play in Repentigny on April 8th, and then we will play in Montreal at the Saphir on June 18th with PAROXYSM and FLESHCRAFT. Hope to see you all there! - Sam

February 2005
February 22nd, 2005
  - Added a live date
  - Added some news

Hails! The TORN WITHIN website had been down for some time due to a change of host and other uninteresting computer problems, but it is back up (almost) as it was before it went online. I will start updating the site regurlarly during next week.

Some additional shows are gonna be added soon and I will add them as I get confirmation.

We will be playing a show in St-Jerome at the Cegep this Thursday with GHOULUNATICS and INSURRECTION. See you there! - Sam

September 2004
September 22nd, 2004
  - Added some news
  - Added 2 links (Shades Of Dusk & As A River)

September 2nd, 2004
  - Added the news
  - Added 1 show (Ottawa)
  - Added 2 reviews (Deadtide & Metal Rules)

UPDATE : Go pick up the new issue of BW & BK (with Dave Mustaine on the cover), TORN WITHIN is interviewed and reviewed.

Greetings, just wanted to thank everyone that came out to our first 2 shows this past month... We had a great time. Big thanks to Mark for the LRC fest and JF Houle for the ANVIL show. The new album "Allied With Bitterness" is now available. If you can't find it in stores, please request them to order a copy!

More shows are coming up, we are very anxious to play for you all. Check back for more news and updates on the site. - Rob

August 2004
August 4th, 2004
  - Added 2 shows (L'Assomption & Rouyn)
  - Added 1 review (Possessed)

We will play our first show ever at L'Assomption on August 19th 2004, so come and check us out if you can! We will also play in Quebec City on August 29th 2004, so we invite everyone from this area to come and see us live.

Futhermore, TORN WITHIN is featured in The Darkest Hours's "New Artists" section for the month of August 2004. - Rob

July 2004
July 26th, 2004
  - Added a review (see link in releases section)
  - Added 2 links (Into Obscurity & L'Ulcere De Vos Nuits)

July 19th, 2004
  - Added a show date (Quebec City) and the final date for the Trois-Rivieres Metalfest
  - Added 3 reviews (see link in releases section)
  - Added 3 links (The Darkest Hours & X-warp.net & Rupture Radio)

July 13th, 2004
  - Uploaded the French version of the site

July 8th, 2004
  - Uploaded the English version of the site

Welcome to the official TORN WITHIN website!

TORN WITHIN is a melodic death/thrash metal act that features Robin Milley (guitars) and Yan Thiel (bass), both from the Montreal band NEURAXIS. The band's debut album just came out 2 weeks ago on Galy Records. It contains 13 songs and was produced by Yannick St-Amand (KATAKLYSM, QUO VADIS, MARTYR).

TORN WITHIN - Allied With Bitterness

TORN WITHIN will appeal to fans of: CARCASS, KREATOR, AT THE GATES, DEATH... Go to the Releases or Downloads section to hear mp3 samples.

Every section is operational, but there's still a lot of stuff that's gonna be added pretty soon.

"This new dawn will see bloodshed!"